Leverage Levels

Improve your capital efficiency and make potentially significant returns on your investment from relatively small price changes with the use of leverage.

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Trading Leverage Levels

Eightplus.com has designed its trading system in a way so that offers its retail clients the default leverage limit of 1:30 for major currency pairs, and less for other asset classes, in order to be in compliance with ESMA rules and regulations and hence demonstrate that this is in the best interest of its retail clients. However, Eightplus.com clients have the option to change the default to a higher leverage level only if they can meet certain criteria and be classified as professionals. Further information can be found here.

Risk Multiplier

At Eightplus.com we place great emphasis on protecting our clients; we are continuously assessing the risk of all our trading products and we apply strict margin requirement rules, which are based on various factors that affect the risk element of each financial product.

Factors that we analyse include but are not limited to:

  • Market volatility
  • Financial product liquidity
  • Political instability in the country the product is being offered or instability surrounding the country’s currency
  • Pegs imposed on various currencies
  • Central banks’ behaviors on countries’ interest rates
  • Central banks’ history of currency interventions that are not market driven

Margin Calculation for Forex

Account Leverage is 1:30. Margin for opening 1 lot EURUSD is calculated as follow:

((Quantity of Lots x Contract Size) X Symbol Leverage) = Margin Required in Base currency

(1 x 100,000)x (1/30) = 3,333.33 EUR